We specialize in:

  • Angle or Vertical, Dual Tube/ RC and Conventional Rotary Drilling.
  • Mineral Exploration Drilling
  • Water Well Drilling
  • GEO Tech Drilling
  • GEO Loop Ground Source Boring and Loop Manifold Installation
  • Track Mounted Wireline Core

We obtain Soil and Rock samples utilizing RC Dual Tube Technology, Wire Line Coring Systems and conventional air and mud rotary Methods.

International Ground Source Heat Pump Association Certification for drilling and installation.

Drill rigs

Hugh M. Harris Drilling Corporation was started by my father in 1956 in Riverton Wyoming drilling for uranium. During his lifetime we worked for many mining companies here and abroad. Harris Y Cia. Drilling was utilized on the discovery hole at the Escondida Copper Mine in Chile South America. This resulted in the largest copper porphyry deposit ever found.

Rig #28

In 1986 I formed Harris Exploration Drilling and Associates Inc. My plan was to have a diverse group of drills which could work in multiple types of drilling and minimize the permitting required by lowering the disturbance. Myself, Patrick Harris and my drillers have worked on all types of mineral exploration projects including gold, silver, copper, uranium, coal, beryllium, molybdenum, nickel, lithium and various rare earths in North and South America as well as the Caribbean Islands. We have also drilled commercial and residential water wells, geothermal gradient wells, seismograph projects, shallow gas , coalbed methane and tar sand wells, cathode protection wells and many different engineering applications including monitoring wells for hazardous fluids and piezometer wells on earthen dams.

Pat Harris

Some of our extensive list of clients:

Asarco Mining
Newmont Mining
Barrick Mining
Viceroy Gold
Pacific Kiewit Corporation
Phillips Petroleum
Superior Mineral
Kennecott Mining
Minquest Mining
Homestake Mining
AF Budge Mining
U.S. Borax
Anaconda Mining
Ranchers Exploration
Pathfinder Mining
Glammis Rand Mining
Redstone Gas
USGS Coal Survey
Atkinson Washington and Zachary Engineering
Cyprus Mining
Billiton Mining
Shell Oil
Chevron Resources
Exxon Minerals
Amax Mining
Amax Geothermal
Getty Mining
Meridian Mineral
Triangle Geophysics
Western Geophysics
MK Gold
Marathon Petroleum

We employ highly trained drillers with many years of on the job experience.

MSHA and OSHA Certified Crews

Our past jobs include:

•Utah •Montana •Wyoming •Idaho •North Dakota •Oregon •Washington •New Mexico •The Caribbean •South America

Drill rigs

Environmentally Conscious

Our equipment designs and our crews are trained to minimize disturbance and protect our natural resources