Reverse Circulation Rigs

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R-23 Schramm T685H

Schramm T685H with 685 Sliding Angle Derrick, Beside and Behind Angle Pipe Loading Arm, Leveling Deck, 14 Liter 650 H.P. Detroit Diesel Engine, Sullair 1050 x 500 Hi Pressure screw compressor, hi torque Top-head, 55,000 lbs. pullback, stabilizing front blade This Rig is mounted on a Prime Mover hydraulically driven Tank Track with tram speeds up to 10 mph or greater dependent on terrain. Drill can setup and drill off steep slopes. Rig is set up to drill to depths of 2000 feet angle or vertical and set pre- collar casing. Dual Tube 20 foot x 4.5 inch dual wall pipe with air or 4.5 flush joint with mud

Rig Dimensions

  • Weight: 43,000 kg
  • Length : 12,000 mm
  • Width: 2,800 mm
  • Height: 4,590 mm


  • Pullback: 33,566 kg 74,000 lbs.
  • Pulldown: 16,000 kg 35,270 lbs


  • 74,000 lb pullback (90,000 lb optional)
  • 45° - 90° sliding angle mast
  • Swing out control panel
  • Hands free power breakout and pipe handling
  • 12” hands free table opening (standard)

R-25 Foremost Explorer 1500 Buggy Drill

Foremost Explorer 1500 equipped with sliding angle derrick, 900 x 350 p.s.i. Compressor driven by a Detroit 475 H.P. Engine Rig, is equipped with levelling deck, six-way cat blade, top head tilt out, and carries 600 feet of matrix 4-inch dual wall pipe, Drill is capable of 1500-foot depths with 4-inch dual wall pipe. Drill is mounted on a Foremost Articulated Buggy This Drill is designed to have all the functionality of the mpd track drills with the mobility they lack. TRUE GRASSROOTS EXPLORER

R-22 Canterra CT 312 Discoverer

The Canterra CT 312 Discoverer is equipped with a sliding angle derrick, driven by a Detroit 350 H.P. Tier 2 engine. Rig has a powerful multipurpose top head with tilt out loading function. Drill is capable of 1000 foot depths with 4-inch matrix light weight dual wall pipe. Drill is mounted on a Foremost Canterra Articulated Buggy with travel speeds of 20 mph depending on terrain. Drill exerts minimal ground pressure minimizing disturbance with its low weight and narrow width. It also works well in heavily forested areas due to its low height, small foot print and easy turning in close quarters. The Canterra Discoverer Jumbo Drill Style mast pivots to both sides of the buggy allowing the driller a 180-degree arc as well as vertical angle drilling directly behind the buggy. This ability allows us to minimize pads and work from existing forest service or BLM fire access roads. Drill is 8 feet 6 inches wide and thirty feet long pivoting in the middle. It weighs under 30,000 lbs. A separate compressor is utilized , either a 900 x 350 on a rubber track or a 500 x 350 on a small buggy depending on project depth.