Mud / Air Rotary

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R-27 Ingersoll Rand RD10

Highly modified Ingersoll Rand RD 10 set up for rotary mud, rotary air, large diameter wireline core drilling or Vertical RC. Rig is mounted on four axle crane carrier powered by Cummins 400 Engine driving drill through power take off. Drill has modified derrick which allows range 2 lengths of oilfield casing or pipe to be utilized. Drill has BOP controls on board along with plumbing for operating a remote air compressor or mud pump. Drill has 80000 lbs. pull back and spur gear hi torque top head. Drill utilizes 4.5 inch oilfield bottleneck pipe for rotary, 4.5 or 5.5 RC dual tube and large 4 inch id bottleneck core pipe for large diameter wireline core.