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Clear water at the highest flow rates possible

Proper well development helps ensure clear water at the highest flow rates possible from the given formation.

The well development process is essential to establishing a well that produces at its maximum capacity. The process is mostly a series of techniques to repair borehole damage caused by the drilling, remove drilling mud and establish as clear a flow path for groundwater to move the well as possible.

Well development can be as simple as using a surge block and airlift system to remove the drilling debris from the well, filter pack and surrounding formation. Drilling mud can be tricky to remove, especially when a significant volume gets lost in the drilling process, and can require extra effort to repair. Dispersants and chlorine can help recover bentonite-based drilling mud from the formation. Screen size, filter pack, formation characteristics and other factors must be accounted for when implementing effective well development.

proper sourcing & protection of groundwater

We will find your locally approved access to groundwater and apply screens and casing that ensure a pristine flow, free from sand and debris. Our licensed technicians will discuss the location of the well and regulations. By taking the time to understand your specific needs and what you expect from the final product, we can evaluate the situation at hand and suggest the best course of action.

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