Wireline Coring

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Faster, Deeper, Safer Exploration

Primarily used in deep mining of solid minerals and oil and gas exploration, wireline coring allows rapid placement and withdrawal of the core-barrel within the drill rods; therefore, the rods do not need to be removed to recover each core sample.

The overshot recovery tool, attaches to the winch by a steel cable which is lowered down the center of the rods. When the recovery tool reaches the back of the core-barrel it latches on and disengages it from the drill rods. The winch pulls the complete barrel and its core sample to the surface.

The drill rods are removed only on completion of the borehole or if the core-bit needs replacing.

Benefits of Wireline Coring
  • Faster drilling time and greater depth can be drilled before retrieving the core barrel
  • Higher penetration rates and deeper depths
  • Lower cost per meter of the drilling operation
  • Safer drilling due to less frequent need to trip the drill pipe

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