Safety is Our Core

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Safety is at the core of everything we do

At Harris Exploration, we continuously strive for developing a workplace safety culture that meets or surpasses industry standards.

We believe all our employees, contractors, partners and those associated with us should be able to work in safe and healthy environments at all times.

Creating an exemplary corporate culture centered around the highest levels of health and safety reflects the professional caliber of our services.

No matter if we’re on-site or in the office, safety is always top of mind. We take great pride in our impeccable safety record and aim to achieve zero incidents and zero injuries.

Our safety system is implemented throughout the entire company and we invest heavily in training to ensure everyone affiliated with us is safeguarded.

Our Health and Safety Initiatives protect our people and our clients.

At Harris Exploration, we strive to deliver continual advancements in our health and safety programs. We’re always looking for ways to bolster our standards, systems, safety performance, and executive leadership.

Our employees are the cornerstone of our safety culture and their training emphasizes the importance of prioritizing safety above all else.

Safety Values

  • Intervine
  • Trust
  • Communicate
  • Assess, Analyze & Act