Auger Drilling

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Ideal for geotechnical and environmental applications

Hollow stem auger drilling is conducive in formations where loose gravels or unconsolidated soils are present and the borehole is unable to remain open. During drilling the center is filled with rods connected to a plug at the bottom bit. Once the desired depths are achieved, the center rods and plug are removed, leaving a cased hole for installations or sampling.

Disturbed samples and instrumentation installations are achievable in hollow stem application, along with SPT and Shelby Tube sampling. Auger rigs have HQ3 coring capability.

Solid stem augers provide the same service in consolidated, or stable, geological formations, with rigs available for track or truck set-up. Solid stem augers are the fastest and most effective way of retrieving samples in soft soil conditions. Corkscrewing the auger into the soil enables our drillers to retrieve a highly accurate formation profile. Solid stem augers can also be used to establish monitoring wells and install appropriate instrumentation in certain soil conditions.

  • Efficient and economical
  • High quality of soil samples
  • A diverse array of sampling techniques is available for methodology.

Auger Drilling Applications

  • Environmental investigations
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Mining investigation
  • Tailings investigation
  • Construction drilling
  • Coring capabilities for bedrock
  • Aggregate resources
  • Earth dams and levees
  • Mineral sands
  • Alluvial deposits
  • Special applications

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