Cone Penetration Testing

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Detailed cost-effective Geotechnical Site Characterization

Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) is a process whereby soil characteristics are determined when a cone penetrometer is driven into the subsurface.

CPT provides a rapid, reliable and economical means of determining soil stratigraphy, relative density and strength. Our in-house geologist can provide you with the technical support necessary to accurately interpret the cone penetration data we provide and assist you in the design of your site investigation program.

Our range of truck and track-mounted drills are designed to push CPT and SCPT. This gives the flexibility to meet our clients’ needs without having to mobilize a second rig.

  • Ideal for sands, silts, clays, soft soils and mine tailings
  • Provides a continuous log of the soil profile
  • Real-time data enabling an accurate, on-site, lithologic subsurface representation
  • Provides piezometric data in addition to geotechnical design parameters
  • Optional testing for seismic, resistivity, UVIF and gamma
  • Nilcon Vane Testing for in-situ measurements of undrained shear strength.

Our Cone Penetration Testing Equipment

Compact Drill Rig

Access to tight spaces with low impact.


Fully automatic and allows any sonic drill rig to operate as a CPT unit.

Sonic & High-Quality CPT Cones

Meet the standards required by EN ISO 22476-1.

RocTest M 1000 Vane Borer

Measures and records rod friction, vane resistance and angular

Data Management and Analysis

Our experienced staff will interpret your data.

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